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Bandmasters of Norwich Citadel Band

Joe Tolson


Joe Tolson



Walter Green

William Myhill


William Myhill



Sam Staines



Charlie Riley

Willie Breame


Willie Breame



Ernest Higgins

Lieut. Tom Robertson


Lieut. Tom Robertson

According to Corps records; there was a period of unrest within the Band. It came to a climax during February 1910 when many bandsmen regretfully withdrew their services, following which the activities of the Band itself were suspended. From 7 August 1910 until 18 February 1911 the corps was without a band. Lieut. Tom Robertson who was a first class musician and band instructor was appointed by National Headquarters to Norwich Citadel on 19 May 2011 to undertake the responsibilities of bandmaster. His leadership during that time was exemplary.

By 28 October 1912 the Band had been reinstated and a grand musical festival conducted by the newly promoted Captain Tom Robertson assisted by several non-Salvationist friends was held. The Chairman that evening was the Lord Mayor of Norwich, Mr H J Copeman supported by other distinguished gentlemen. The following day Captain Robertson left Norwich to take up a new appointment in Littleport, Cambs.

Bob Payne


Bob Payne

Sonny Aldred


Sonny Aldred


William Mann


William Mann


Albert Drury


Albert Drury


Harold Coleman


Harold Coleman


George Drury


George Drury


Bandmaster John Gibson


John Gibson BEM

Bandmaster John Gibson was really the architect of the Band as we know it today. As a young man of 27 he assumed leadership of the Norwich Citadel Band and immediately began to lay the foundations, training his bandsmen in musicality and interpretation. The Band has been so fortunate to have had such a sensitive and gifted musician leading them for 37 years. During his working years John was Head of Brass for Norfolk Education and was a well-known figure in the Norfolk music scene, conducting the Norfolk Symphonic Wind Band.

During his leadership the Band were privileged on three occasions to give performances at Londonís Royal Albert Hall and also another at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. Overseas tours were made to the Netherlands (1959), Sweden (1971) and the USA and Canada (1985) in addition to making several recordings, TV and radio broadcasts.

John (or Jack as he is known to his friends) continues to encourage and support the bandsmen and women of today.  With his wife Jean, in retirement, they continue in to worship at Norwich Citadel.


Bandmaster Robert Munn


Robert Munn

Bandmaster Robert Munn had been deputy bandmaster for a number of years prior to assuming leadership of NCB upon the retirement of Bandmaster John Gibson. A difficult role to accomplish, he nevertheless successfully directed the Band with aplomb for 11 years, maintaining its musical output.  His friendly and infectious style of leadership endeared himself to the members of the Band. Due to his time as a bandmaster in London at Woolwich Temple and his membership of the ISB in the 1960s, we were through his many contacts and friendships, able to arrange several high profile events for NCB. During his working life, Bob was firstly a peripatetic music teacher and latterly Head of Music at a local High School.

Tours were undertaken to Scotland (1988), Norway (1990) and South Africa (1993) which saw the Band breaking new ground as the first Salvation Army band ever to visit the African continent. This was heady stuff! The Band were greeted so enthusiastically by thousands of people, all colours of this Rainbow Nation and treated with acclaim wherever it went. It was during Bobís tenure as bandmaster that Norwich Citadel Band made its first CD recording along with a further three CDs and TV appearances.

In retirement Bob lives on the north Norfolk coast with his wife Phil.


Bandmaster Ron Young


Ron Young

Ron Young came to Norwich following a 25-year career with the Royal Air Force, playing    principal euphonium in the Central Band of the RAF. After studies at the University of East   Anglia in Norwich he embarked upon a music teaching career in beautiful Norfolk. At this   time and following Bob Munnís retirement, Ron accepted leadership of NCB. His style was   somewhat different to Bobís but the Band relished his rehearsals and enjoyed his musical   direction. During his term as Bandmaster the Band travelled to London to perform at the   Queen Elizabeth Hall and also undertook a second tour to the USA (1998) with great success.   The Band made a further two CDs and made several TV appearances. In 2002 Ron decided to   move to rural France where he still lives.


Bandmaster Douglas Beattie


Douglas Beattie

Bandmaster Douglas Beattie was appointed in 2002 following Ron Youngís 5-year sojourn.   South African born Doug has been a member of NCB for many years and also a fine cornet   soloist too. Whilst living in Scotland he received training in trumpet/cornet performance at   the Royal Scottish Academy of Music. At one time Doug spent a period as a member of the   solo cornet section of the ISB and during that time studied at Londonís Guildhall School of Music. He had been deputy bandmaster at Romford whilst in the ISB and also a songster leader (choirmaster) at Norwich Citadel, so his talents were well-known in directing music.   Norwich Citadel Band was very pleased when Doug agreed to become its bandmaster.

During the five years he was bandmaster, NCB performed in Londonís Royal Festival Hall,   toured Sweden (2004) and made four CD recordings and further TV appearances. One of the recordings was commissioned by the Peopleís Friend magazine and a record quarter of a million copies were distributed with their Christmas issue. In 2007 NCB celebrated its 125th Anniversary and many special events were organised including visits from Black Dyke Band, the Kingís Singers and a reunion weekend where a large number of former bandsmen travelled to Norwich from all parts of the country as well as some from Europe.

Following his retirement as Bandmaster, Doug along with his wife Ann took up an appointment as a Territorial Envoy for The Salvation Army as the corps Officer of the Lowestoft South Corps.


Richard Woodrow


Richard Woodrow

Bandmaster Richard Woodrow had been deputy bandmaster of the Band for a few years and previously young peopleís bandleader prior to accepting the role of bandmaster in 2008. He is a product of the Norwich Citadel Corps, growing up through its various musical groups. Following some years playing soprano cornet in the Band he eventually moved to solo cornet, in due course taking over the principal cornet chair from his father David.

In demand as a cornet soloist around Great Britain and Scandinavia, Richard became a member of the ISB playing flugelhorn and is featured regularly on their programmes as a soloist.


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